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Led by Brooke Snyder

$35, or $30 if registered before 6/1/18

Most of us invest in our physical fitness. What about developing your mental muscle? We all have the key to unlock our own calm and reduce our stress levels. Having a greater understanding of what goes on between the ears and or/beneath the surface and how to manage your mind will help you find more calm, clarity, creativity and compassion. Understand how your brain works and how you can change your brain through meditation to improve your life. Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm. It has many benefits including reducing and helping to manage stress.

This class will introduce you the basics of meditation including how to focus on breath, body and mantra. You will experience and practice different meditation methodologies to find the one that works best for you. However, the best part of this Introduction to Meditation course is that it is for everyone. There’s no risk of injury. No negative side effects. No (physical) flexibility required. It is simply for anyone interested in understanding how their brain works and how they can change it for the better through meditation and improve their life on and off mat.

The 90 minute Introduction to Meditation workshop covers:

Welcome and introduction
Breathwork and your first guided meditation
What is Meditation and its benefits?
Mental anatomy
Second guided meditation
Final wrap up (feedback, questions)

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