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“Let Your Yoga Dance"


$20 Early Bird Pricing up to 12/23

Before the lights on the trees, menorahs and street lights begin to fade, come light up the New Year and “Let Your Yoga Dance”. The Chakra system is a group of seven energy centers that exist within the body just waiting to be revealed. “Let Your Yoga Dance” is a really fun and enjoyable way to reveal and ignite them.  The practice of “Let Your Yoga Dance” synchronizes world music and qualities of the Chakra system while moving with your own rhythm and spirit.  This integrated embodiment inspires you to discover your own unique dance. Unlike a typical Yoga class, we dance away from our own space to gradually engage with others. Creating a sense of community, empowerment, and compassion is essential all while having great fun!

Often integrated with the behavioral concepts of Positive Psychology, the main goal is to inspire joy.

Endorsed in the 2018 January issue of Oprah magazine, “Let Your Yoga Dance” was featured in the column entitled “Feeling Good”

Everyone at every level can participate, dance, and inspire joy. Come join me and see what it's all about!  Mothers and Daughters welcome!

Marjorie Bernard is a Certified Instructor of Let Your Yoga Dance, studying the method at Kripalu.