Melanie Altrich

I started practicing yoga consistently over ten years ago.  Never being one who much liked exercise for the sake of exercise, yoga was something I fell in love with at first Om. Yoga brought me a peace and sense of self I had only ever experienced while riding my horse Traken through the woods of New Hampshire.  I decided to further my practice through a yoga teacher training program, Yoga of Energy Flow with Daniel Orlansky and Liz Owen in June 2010 and have now been teaching for six years. 

 I enjoy guiding practitioners to release the traffic of their minds and rediscover their true inner selves. Together we connect the body, mind and spirit with breath and movement, gaining strength and opening of body and mind.  I believe in encouraging acceptance of self, on and off the mat, while challenging students to open their body with mindful attention to alignment, breath and body awareness. 

 Outside of the yoga studio, I works as a high school guidance counselor at a local vocational technical high school.  In my free time, I am happiest on my own mat, reflecting by the ocean, visiting with Traken, friends and family, my cat Logan and getting my hands dirty in my garden.