Kathleen DeGrandis

My yoga practice started when I was given a gift certificate to a yoga studio by my sister-in-law.  At the time I had no idea that the gift would put my life on a new path.  The purpose of the gift was to help me find calm after a life changing experience.  What I discovered is that the physical aspect of the practice helped remove physical tension while the oneness between me and my mat gave me the OK to be gentle with myself as I was grieving a loss.  3+ years into my practice I have learned to focus on the positive aspects of everyday life.  Yoga transformed my life in that I feel more joy and gratitude than I ever have.

I completed my 200 Hour Teaching Program at Universal Power Yoga in Norwood MA under the exceptional guidance of Jen Merola Palmer, Bill MacDonald and Sue Bonanno.  Becoming involved in the Massachusetts yoga community through personal practice, training and volunteering has influenced my teaching as I capture knowledge that improves my practice and daily mindset which I bring to my yoga teachings. 

My classes are structured for students of all levels.  There is no judgement in my classes, only encouragement.   During yoga practice it is important that the student feel comfortable to explore, modify and rest based on what their mind and body is telling them.