Elaine Fineman

My path to yoga began after the birth of my first child, Mollie. I was drawn to an ashtanga yoga class because I was looking for a new way to get physical exercise and stay in shape. What I received was an eye opening spiritual experience that, over the years, has changed my life, and probably my husband and kids too. Yoga has given me back my authentic self. From asana and pranyama to self-study and the ability to go within I have learned how to live in peace, joy and compassion for all humanity and myself. I have opened my heart to being present and living in the moment. Now that is quite an accomplishment for someone who has suffered with anxiety and low self-awareness for a good part of my life. I chose to become a yoga teacher so that I could bring and share the gifts that I have received personally to my students. My informal teacher training began the first time I stepped on my mat. I have been fortunate to study with many great teachers, including Seane Corn, David Swenson, Beryl Bender Berch and many others. My formal training was with my incredible teacher, Liza Keogh, who inspired me and opened the door for me to find the place in my heart where the teacher was hiding. I believe my purpose, as a yoga teacher is to support my students to find their passion in yoga, to lighten up and enjoy life, to find their unique true selves and to deepen their spiritual practice.