Danielle DeGrandis

Yoga Teacher (200 Hrs.)

Reiki II Practitioner

Massage Therapy Student

Danielle began her yoga journey several years ago, and has deepened her practice in the more recent years. Yoga and meditation has taught her to transform challenges of all sizes into positive experiences of wisdom, strength, and self-love. These gifts that yoga offers has made such a profound impact on her life that she decided to dedicate her time to share this beautiful practice with people of all abilities.

Danielle has been certified by the School of Yoga Institute from their Mystical Yoga program in Perú; where she studied traditional Astanga yoga. Astanga yoga incorporates the wisdom of meditation, pranayama (breathing), and asana (posture) practice, along with other disciplines, into two flows: Hatha and Vinyasa. During her program, she also studied about shamanic and healing practices originating from both Eastern and Western cultures. She has been a Reiki practitioner since March 2015, and received her Reiki II while traveling in South America during the fall of 2015. In March of 2016, she began a massage therapy program in Boston studying Swedish relaxation massage, Thai, Shiatsu, and other bodywork concepts.

She enjoys traveling, nature walks and hikes, playing her ukulele, singing, reading and studying ancient wisdoms from all corners of the planet, as well as spending time with family, friends and her animal friends.