Bonnie Kelliher

After practicing more vigorous forms of yoga over the past 20 years, I find myself moving towards a slower, more mindful practice.  I still love the way the physical practice of yoga makes my body feel, but I'm just as interested in the way if affects my mind and spirit. I completed my 200 hour yoga training from Open Doors in September of 2013.   I currently teach several “all levels” power yoga classes in addition to 4 senior classes a week.   Since graduating, I have continued my education by attending workshops in the areas of "Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery”, "Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors, “Spa Yoga training” and “hands-on adjusting” training at Stil Studio. 

I honestly believe that everyone can and should do yoga.  I believe yoga is about accepting yourself where you are. I always encourage students to concentrate on movements that feel good and make sense in their own body and not to worry about the postures look like to others.  Moving slowly and safely and creating a sense of wellness are my main goals in a class.  And if we can have fun doing that, then all is good!  I hope to be able to pass on my love of this practice and specifically help to teach people to let go of their pre-conceived notions of what yoga should be and engage in a yoga practice that feels wonderful for them.